Gym’s Closed Friday for the Gloves



(originally appeared in Artvoice on 4/12/12)


One of Isaac Newton’s first experiments as a young student at Cambridge was an attempt to objectively describe color. To do so, he slid a “bodkin” into his eye socket between eyeball and bone, and pressed the tip until he saw white, dark, and colored circles. Next, he stared with one eye into a reflection of the sun for as long as he could. After looking at the sun, his senses were stripped down to two base colors. Light objects all appeared red, while dark objects appeared blue.

After spending three days in a dark room recovering from his experiment, Newton found he could reproduce this effect at will. Newton found red and blue to be primary colors, positioned at opposite sides of any color wheel, as any good art student will tell you by seventh grade, and the red-blue color dominance was firmly established.

Red and blue, besides being the colors of several prominent national flags and a certain local football team, are the dominant colors of amateur boxing. There’s always a red corner and a blue corner to which each fighter belongs, their respective allegiance demonstrated by the color of their gloves and headgear. In the first round of the Golden Gloves in January, there were two rings to accommodate more than 40 fighters initially in competition: a red ring and blue ring. Tomorrow, in the throwback ambiance of the Statler’s Golden Ballroom, the Golden Gloves final will take place, with 18 fighters competing for championships according to experience and weight class, and 10 fighters in non-tournament “match bouts.”

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Golden Gloves, First Round

More to come on my first experience seeing live boxing. Wanted to share some pictures from the event in my inaugural post, gussy the place up a bit.

two fights at once


Lisa Wilson accepts a plaque in honor of her late husband, longtime Buffalo sportswriter Allen Wilson. Holding plaque is Golden Gloves organizer Don Patterson.


awaiting the decision



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